“Sometimes I Wish, Dream, Hope”

Sometimes I wish, dream,
things ain’t what they seem,
my life ain’t really life,
love will one day love me,
make me high & bubbly,
everything is lovely,
and every penny’s lucky

I wish, hope, that my hopes ain’t a joke,
peeps on the streets that I pass,
don’t see me creep past,
and turn around and laugh,
cuz I’ll get crazy in a flash,
sneak heat from my back,
and put one in they ass

I dream, wish,
life just ain’t a fix, a movie wit a twist,
cuz wit a flick of life’s wrist,
that coal in its grips, is a diamond in its fist,
cuz I’m worth more than this,
in my hopes, in my dreams, and when I wish.

“My Rose”

These days things are complex,
No clothes, no food, no dad and no rest,
Too often my worries are my only comfort,
My house is too empty, pain is too friendly, love loves to hurt.

These days I don’t wanna be me,
Don’t wanna talk, don’t wanna feel, don’t wanna breathe,
There’s too many people with far better lives,
That wouldn’t dare cry if I laid down and shut my eyes tight.

These days I’ve gotten over my past,
People do wrong and they live with that,
Life is too long and heaven too close,
To let others dictate the scent of my rose.

“Untitled (Poem)”

You left me stranded from the time you commanded,
Deaf and drained through the shouts you proclaimed,
I ran away but you gave chase,
You always flirt but you’ve never stayed,
Leave me alone since you’ll do it eventually,
You get to be happy and I pay the penalty,
You’ve never been fair like everyone claims,
You come and you go and leave only rain,
Rain in my heart and tears from my soul,
Promised me warmth and delivered the cold,
Give up on you? You forgot my touch,
I reached out to you, it wasn’t enough,
But I continue to search you, despite my poor luck,
Yes I’m confused, that’s why you’re called love.

“Can I Be Honest?”

Can I be honest?
my heart is too big for my chest,
I got chest pains from broken heart bleeding syndrome,
I’m 25 and still have never been home,
I try to go there on a drawbridge I build for other people,
but they only import, to export must be illegal.

People paint petty pictures pourin out pretty words,
so shamefully susceptible, struck songfully by sirens verse,
am I what you say I am, am I beautifully unique?
I already know how God feels, it’s your love that I now seek,
but how much is love worth if I have to force it all the time,
that’s why I like it overcast, to visualize my mind.

I’m really not that sad, just feeling unprotected,
cuz people set expectations, then don’t fulfill what’s expected,
they tell me “C’est la vie”, get use to the inconvenience,
but what value has hope, if it’s my imagination’s figments?
Therein lies my hurt, a plague of daggers in my back,
you’re a dangerous friend if your love and actions never match,
so do me one true favor, don’t let me become attached,
cuz I do more than talk and I’m prepared to actually act.


They say I’m only one man so don’t think so large,
Perhaps just one body, but believe me it’s all heart,
You don’t know what I been thru, how I rose from the dungeon,
Everday I fight for air but that’s how it is on the summit,
The fight is in my soul though I’ve rarely hit a human,
Don’t always get what I want but I never stop pursuin,
Passion in my chest, there’s a warrior in these bones,
I battle where it’s needed to protect the peace that’s in my home,
Been struck down many times and picked apart by these vultures,
But The One is in my blood so I rose up like a soldier,
Weight of the world on my shoulders but I like the pressure,
Rain makes you grow so I appreciate stormy weather,
Life hasn’t been perfect, but I guess it rarely is,
God gave me grace to persevere……. confidence.

“The Corner”

See that kid on the corner?
He gon’ be what he wanna.
No money in his name, no folks,
Noone behind him, but he spites it with hope,
He believes in himself without knowing, so don’t ask,
The world stole his wealth and stacked him with the trash,
His back is scarred but he hasn’t lost his laugh,
Dark days ahead but he knows tough people last,
Life is his riddle, love is his mystery,
His heart seeks the portrait that his mind has been picturing,
The world’s in his palm when he dreams at night,
He brings half to his mom, the other half to his wife,
Maybe not a dream but more like a vision,
Has the time to think from the lack of sleep he’s been gettin,
Sees the gold in people but don’t call him naieve,
He’s been hurt by the best & still he believes,
Ignorant ones will call him a survivor,
but that man on the corner, he’s a fighter,
My block kills so I had to leave the corner to seek my destiny,
Hope makes me float cuz this world will never get the best of me.
See me on that corner?
No. I’m off to be what I wanna.


Tick tick goes the clock on my phone that I watch,
but the silence never stops,
if I had a dollar for every second it didn’t vibrate,
then I’d have this much time to sit and wait,
this much time to let my mind wander,
how can it rain on my face with this weight that I’m under,
everyday I wait, wait, wait to hear this voice,
everyday I lose a little more poise,
while I wait for something to break this loud silent noise,
Just call to check my pulse, hold my hand to check my pulse,
it’s goin so fast I’m surprised it doesn’t burst,
I hate bein treated like my heart never hurts,
am I too forgiving? Is there even such a thing?
No, I love like no tomorrow could ever bring,
The best treasure is the one you could never earn,
The best lesson is the one that didn’t burn,
There’s a gold within my soul that I trust to very few,
and you just might’ve been rich if you gave it another week or two.


Unscathed, it doesn’t know pain,
can it feel sunshine if it hasn’t felt rain?
experience comes through exposure,
or at least the possibility of losing composure,
there’s a tension and release that vulnerability breeds,
plants can’t grow if you can’t plant seeds,
is it wise or foolish, shy or coolish
to hide the side that’ll make you cry over the sight of two lips?
do you appreciate good if you’ve been thru more bad?
can a smile mean as much if you’ve never been sad?
noone wants depression, unless it’s all you’ve ever known,
everyone wants happiness, but without risking their own,
i think hope doesn’t mean as much if you’ve never lost it,
and it won’t be worth much if at some point it doesn’t cost ya,
You can wish for love, but it won’t be spoken,
You can look at love, but you won’t be open,
Because Love passes by the Heart Unbroken.

“Black to Blue”

All I do is think of you, your eyes, your lips,
your hips, the soft touch of your fingertips,
Can I see you again? And again, and again…
Will you confide in me your deepest thoughts within?
My heart stops when I hear your voice speak,
There’s so much about you that’s amazing to me,
I want to hold you fast and love you slow,
massage your neck and kiss your nose,
I can’t stop this dream of falling, what do I do?
Sit with me as we watch the sky turn black to blue.

“Math and Love”

A white wall, a mountain cap,
deep space, a chef’s hat,
Washington’s face, a keyless lock,
no sand, just rock,
a memory, a teardrop,
the open sea, clear blue sky top,
a chin, a heart, a nose,
no beginning no end between skin and an old red rose

Beautiful eyes, fifty cents,
noon or midnight, solar eclipse,
inside the arc, inside the ark,
a conversation, knitting hearts,
wings, shoes, a safety,
earrings, the mind of a lady,
lungs, oars, a passing glance,
no beginning no end, no rose, just hands.