They say I’m only one man so don’t think so large,
Perhaps just one body, but believe me it’s all heart,
You don’t know what I been thru, how I rose from the dungeon,
Everday I fight for air but that’s how it is on the summit,
The fight is in my soul though I’ve rarely hit a human,
Don’t always get what I want but I never stop pursuin,
Passion in my chest, there’s a warrior in these bones,
I battle where it’s needed to protect the peace that’s in my home,
Been struck down many times and picked apart by these vultures,
But The One is in my blood so I rose up like a soldier,
Weight of the world on my shoulders but I like the pressure,
Rain makes you grow so I appreciate stormy weather,
Life hasn’t been perfect, but I guess it rarely is,
God gave me grace to persevere……. confidence.