“The Corner”

See that kid on the corner?
He gon’ be what he wanna.
No money in his name, no folks,
Noone behind him, but he spites it with hope,
He believes in himself without knowing, so don’t ask,
The world stole his wealth and stacked him with the trash,
His back is scarred but he hasn’t lost his laugh,
Dark days ahead but he knows tough people last,
Life is his riddle, love is his mystery,
His heart seeks the portrait that his mind has been picturing,
The world’s in his palm when he dreams at night,
He brings half to his mom, the other half to his wife,
Maybe not a dream but more like a vision,
Has the time to think from the lack of sleep he’s been gettin,
Sees the gold in people but don’t call him naieve,
He’s been hurt by the best & still he believes,
Ignorant ones will call him a survivor,
but that man on the corner, he’s a fighter,
My block kills so I had to leave the corner to seek my destiny,
Hope makes me float cuz this world will never get the best of me.
See me on that corner?
No. I’m off to be what I wanna.