Tick tick goes the clock on my phone that I watch,
but the silence never stops,
if I had a dollar for every second it didn’t vibrate,
then I’d have this much time to sit and wait,
this much time to let my mind wander,
how can it rain on my face with this weight that I’m under,
everyday I wait, wait, wait to hear this voice,
everyday I lose a little more poise,
while I wait for something to break this loud silent noise,
Just call to check my pulse, hold my hand to check my pulse,
it’s goin so fast I’m surprised it doesn’t burst,
I hate bein treated like my heart never hurts,
am I too forgiving? Is there even such a thing?
No, I love like no tomorrow could ever bring,
The best treasure is the one you could never earn,
The best lesson is the one that didn’t burn,
There’s a gold within my soul that I trust to very few,
and you just might’ve been rich if you gave it another week or two.