Unscathed, it doesn’t know pain,
can it feel sunshine if it hasn’t felt rain?
experience comes through exposure,
or at least the possibility of losing composure,
there’s a tension and release that vulnerability breeds,
plants can’t grow if you can’t plant seeds,
is it wise or foolish, shy or coolish
to hide the side that’ll make you cry over the sight of two lips?
do you appreciate good if you’ve been thru more bad?
can a smile mean as much if you’ve never been sad?
noone wants depression, unless it’s all you’ve ever known,
everyone wants happiness, but without risking their own,
i think hope doesn’t mean as much if you’ve never lost it,
and it won’t be worth much if at some point it doesn’t cost ya,
You can wish for love, but it won’t be spoken,
You can look at love, but you won’t be open,
Because Love passes by the Heart Unbroken.