“Can I Be Honest?”

Can I be honest?
my heart is too big for my chest,
I got chest pains from broken heart bleeding syndrome,
I’m 25 and still have never been home,
I try to go there on a drawbridge I build for other people,
but they only import, to export must be illegal.

People paint petty pictures pourin out pretty words,
so shamefully susceptible, struck songfully by sirens verse,
am I what you say I am, am I beautifully unique?
I already know how God feels, it’s your love that I now seek,
but how much is love worth if I have to force it all the time,
that’s why I like it overcast, to visualize my mind.

I’m really not that sad, just feeling unprotected,
cuz people set expectations, then don’t fulfill what’s expected,
they tell me “C’est la vie”, get use to the inconvenience,
but what value has hope, if it’s my imagination’s figments?
Therein lies my hurt, a plague of daggers in my back,
you’re a dangerous friend if your love and actions never match,
so do me one true favor, don’t let me become attached,
cuz I do more than talk and I’m prepared to actually act.