“Sometimes I Wish, Dream, Hope”

Sometimes I wish, dream,
things ain’t what they seem,
my life ain’t really life,
love will one day love me,
make me high & bubbly,
everything is lovely,
and every penny’s lucky

I wish, hope, that my hopesĀ ain’t a joke,
peeps on the streets that I pass,
don’t see me creep past,
and turn around and laugh,
cuz I’ll get crazy in a flash,
sneak heat from my back,
and put one in they ass

I dream, wish,
life just ain’t a fix, a movie wit a twist,
cuz wit a flick of life’s wrist,
that coal in its grips, is a diamond in its fist,
cuz I’m worth more than this,
in my hopes, in my dreams, and when I wish.