“How Come, Why is it?”

How come I gotta be so tall,
Why is it I hit my head on everything & people assume I play basketball?
How come I can’t always just be myself,
Why is it some folks look at me and think I wanna be someone else?
How come high school had to be so much hell,
Why is it adults dissed my mom for always bein gone but never offered help?
How come they can’t get that plank out their eye,
Why is it their kids are havin kids and they’re always justified?

How come when I leave voicemails you don’t return the call,
and when you do you talk 5 minutes and then rush me off?
Why is it they call themselves my friend,
don’t you see how far backwards I always bend?
How come I’m so difficult with folks,
then I get upset when they don’t fulfill my hopes?
Why is it I have such big dreams and expectations,
and try to explain it to folks with no imagination?

How come I can’t find a job,
then take matters in my hands, make it worse and forget that he is God?
Why is it now that I’m saved people think I’m lyin,
but the gang of bloods and crips I used to hang with accepted who I am,
How come tomorrow always looks better from afar,
and when tomorrow becomes today I look away cuz the rain is hard,
Why is it I grew up hatin who I was,
I acted different from my blood, they didn’t accept me much but at least my mama never judged.

How come I can’t be old with most my life behind me?
I could be like 90, old & wrinkled with my wifey, when hip hop will be old timey,
No, cuz then life would blow right by me,
and I’d forget givin my wife a 3 carat diamond.
Why is it I always thought that I would die young,
Until Pastor Greg brought mad truth from the roots of Jerusalem.

How come I spoke in high school and got a standing room ovation,
but at home even psychiatrists couldn’t help our bad communication,
Why is it that it felt like everyone else had a head start,
When all I wanted was new clothes and shoes that didn’t bark,
How come I was so greedy growin up,
I guess without God, “It” is never enough.

Why is it that my father rarely came around,
That’s alright now, cuz I got more dads than I can count,
How come when a hurt begins to heal, God shows another wound,
He & I share a little secret that we’ll let you in on too,
Everything tried to kill us, but nothing could destroy us, we’ve been destined from the womb.