“Battlefield Love”

Some say Love ain’t a game, but I say otherwise,
otherwise how do you explain all these dang lullabies,
“Does he give you butterflies and cause your blood to rise?”,
“Did he find your glass slipper, does he have the perfect color eyes?”,
It’s a lullaby, it puts many to sleep as they recall
The story in their head each night they weep a waterfall,
It’s hard on women no doubt, there’s no denying,
Men get broken in five ya’ll expect us to keep on fighting,
On a battlefield too many wounds a loss of blood then there’s a death,
It’s a mess, You keep drainin my heart of the love there’s nothing left,
All of the good aren’t too wise cuz we’re sadly killed,
Maybe you’re right, Love ain’t a game it’s a Battlefield.