I remember your voice, you called my name then bounced in a week,
Was it a hoax or were you even looking for me?
I ran as quick as I could, I must have spooked you,
Scare too easily, we didn’t get from “black to blue”,
A fact it’s true that you bring smiles and tears,
Meanwhile I’ve been in exile for years,
Unlock me, I need to breathe the beauty of hearts mending,
Ideals bending with the feel of heaven descending,
A glance, a look, a smile and a heart is took, tooken and taken,
Flowers, candy and soft words of affirmation,
Walks with interlocked hands and deep conversation,
Cuddle to a movie, now beauty has me shaking with palpitations,
Alas, instead I’m shaken with miscalculations,
Despondent amid all my hearts frustrations,
You’ll call for me again and I’ll carefully take your hand,
Just maybe… perhaps Love is as scared as I am…