The Pestle Movie Podcast

The Pestle is a new movie podcast hosted by Wes Evans who is a director, writer, and actor, along with Todd Sapio who is an actor, producer, and musician. Together, they review films and look to provide interesting tidbits and insights into the filmmaking process.

Sometimes they find a particularly interesting theme to discuss, or a camera technique being used in a clever way. For instance, in the movie Warrior they do a deep dive into the various techniques used to immerse the audience in the world of the film and that represent the various relationship arcs taking place throughout the movie. In Wonder Woman they analyze the ways that feminism is represented as well as the visual effects.

As far as movie podcasts go, this is one of the best film podcasts around and very much worth the time to listen and appreciate that they stay on topic instead of riffing on irrelevant things that have nothing to do with the movie they’re covering, because they have so much to say on any given movie you never feel like you’ve wasted your time listening to each new episode. I highly recommend The Pestle Movie Podcast!

Here are a few of my favorite episodes for you to listen to:



Guardians of the Galaxy 2: