Vivian Green: A Love Story Review

Vivian Green: a love story album coverDropping her CD “A Love Story” on October 29, 2002, Vivian Green is sure to make some serious waves with her debut album. Although this is her first disc she’s dropped, she has been writing songs for years, which she credits her mother for showing her at such an early age by teaching her everything through song, she notes in the liner notes: “Mommy: U taught me my name, address, & all 66 books of the bible with songs. U introduced me 2 music through your beautiful voice and songwriting ability”, it certainly makes sense when contemplating her amazing ability to write.

We are thrown right into the mist of Vivian’s world with “Wishful Thinking” in which she poetically expresses her seemingly tangible ideas of what she would have in her ideal world. “24 Hour Blue (just one of those days)” is also relatable in which she depicts the random day that we all wish would just hurry up and end. Miss Green displays some vocal dexterity in opportune time, never forcing the issue she uses her time wisely and eloquently.
With each new track I can’t help but wonder if she will be able to make me like the next track, yet it is unquestionably accomplished as each number on the track listing grows. “Superwoman” describes the impossibilities of fitting into the role of the perfect person when dealing with such hard expectations in a relationship. “What is Love” roles into the situation where she deals with falling in love with someone that isn’t popularly thought of by her friends. Another beautifully laced track that flows smoothly past your emotional boundaries. Vivian next delicately expresses her appreciation of the very means in which she is communicating her message, which is “Music”. Brilliant production is clearly evident as the verses flow from soulfully smoothly graceful to the chorus’ upbeat joyous feel.

“Emotional Rollercoaster” and “Final Hour” are more passionate deliveries of soul that allows us to ride this rollercoaster with Miss Green, must-hear songs. “No Sittin’ By The Phone” brings a flavorful jazz sound that will soothe your ears with the lax piano and muted trumpet. “Affected” and “Fanatic” are contrasting songs in which the former shows that she’s not affected by her ex-man’s mojo, while in the latter she expresses her heart felt addiction to a man. Both songs are notably written and performed.

Doomed to repeat myself, the final tracks are also exquisitely sung. With every song being primarily written by Vivian Green herself (a very commendable deed in today’s music business indeed), she delivers a very commanding performance worthy of all compliments coming her way. This is an awesome soul packed album and is not only worthy of the purchase, but it would be doing yourself an injustice to not do so. I cannot bear to give this anything less than 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Track Listing:
1. Wishful Thinking
2. 24 Hour Blue (just one of those days)
3. Superwoman
4. What is Love
5. Music
6. Emotional Rollercoaster
7. Final Hour
8. No Sittin’ By The Phone
9. Affected
10. Fanatic
11. Ain’t Nothing But Love
12. Be Good To You
13. Complete
14. Keep On Going

4.5 out of 5