Do You Care To Sample Phytogenic Skin Care?

A spa located in the Hershey Hotel offers guests a chance to enjoy phytogenic skin care. The men and women working in that spa understand how to provide their clients’ skin with added nutrition. They know how to penetrate into the skin, allowing the deep areas of the skin access to important chemicals.

Most skin care products concentrate on the outer skin cells. Yet everyday, large numbers of those cells become loose; everyday the outer skin needs to replace lost skin cells. The replacement cells come from the deep skin. Deep skin cells divide and move up to the skin’s surface, the epidermis

Under the epidermis lie the basil and spiny cells, the cells in the deep skin. Phytogenic skin care focuses on ensuring the health of the basil and spiny cells. All of the nutrients provided to the skin by phytogenic skin care come from some type of plant.

At Hershey, PA, those nutrients come from the cocoa plant. Clients at the Hershey spa get a package of nutrients, all mixed with an extract from the cocoa plant. In addition to the phytogenic extract, that mixture contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace metals.

The phytogenic extract acts as a catalyst. It facilitates completion of the biochemical changes in the packaged nutrients that penetrate into the deep skin. The deep skin cells then respond to those penetrating chemicals. They move towards the surface, giving the epidermis healthy, dividing cells.

Whether made from coal, cocoa or some other plant, all phytogenic skin care products have the ability to replace minerals that are lacking in the deep skin.  Phytogenic skin care bathes the skin in nutrients that aren’t found in all fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and vegetables grow in soil that lacks important minerals. Thus those minerals do not get into the blooms that later yield either a fruit or a vegetable.

Yet phytogenic skin care would not produce healthy skin if it only coated the skin with minerals.  The plant-derived extract used in phytogenic skin care products facilitates the completion of important metabolic pathways. Those pathways guarantee the health of the inner skin cells. Those pathways can not take place in the absence of both minerals and the phytogenic extract.

The phytogenic extract is called polyflormin. Like many catalysts, that extract requires a helper, a coenzyme, in order to work properly. In other words, a phytogenic skin care product, such as the one used in Hershey, contains important nutrients, an extract derived from a plant and a coenzyme. That coenzyme is Co-Q10.

The mix of chemicals in the phytogenic skin care products penetrate into the deep skin.   The deep skin cells use those nutrient-rich chemicals to manufacture protein and to make more DNA. In other words, the deep skin cells use the plant-derived chemicals to make new skin cells.

Those new skin cells help give the body a “healthy” appearance, because they come from healthy, well-nourished deep skin cells. They display the physiological benefits of the phytogenic skin care.

by Sue Chehrenegar

Sue has an MS in Biomedical research along with 30 years of experience in her field of study.

*It is recommended to speak to a dermatologist regarding new skin care products.