What is it about these words that conjure such excitement? Is it the rich, the quick, or the fact that there is the opportunity for both? Just thinking about it makes my pulse quicken. So, if this is possible why is this not happening for more people? If all I have to do is just pick up the phone and attend a seminar on such a wonderful product, why are more people not insanely rich?

There are many infomercials available that offer training and all one has to do is register for a free seminar that will be coming to their area soon. After attending the seminar then participants will be well on their way to becoming rich individuals and will hold the elusive status of financially independent. I find it interesting that there is usually no mention of the free seminar being a pathway to actually offering pay services. There are lofty messages stated and wonderful success stories touted that show what a great system it is and the potential results that can come from its successful use.

People who have attended the seminar praise the wealth of information that is offered and how after a short time after following the system they were well on their way to early retirement. They never really mention how much money they spent to acquire the knowledge, tools, website access, or any other extra that I am sure they had to pay for. They also usually fail to mention the fact that there could be monthly costs associated with any system and of course there will always need to be further education to continue the program’s success. Additionally, there is no mention of how much initial time was needed to ensure the system was working correctly and how long it took to get comfortable with everything.

I guess there are reasons for this. If one were to find out that the “free” system actually costs thousands of dollars in initial start up and hundreds of dollars monthly, they might become turned off by the prospect. Furthermore, if they learned that the easy system was actually rather complicated, this too might sour them on the prospect. Now, if I am offering such a product would I really want to sour people before they had a chance to come to my free initial information seminar? Honestly, after I already have them there I am sure it would be easier to sway them to how great my product is and how the initial start up will be returned many times over in no time.

So, why don’t you just attend one of my free seminars, give me your credit card number and I can share with you ways to make huge profits?

Oh, you have already caught onto my plan? I guess my work here is done.

By Catherine Monreal

Catherine received her B.S. in Finance in 2006 and is currently pursuing her M.B.A. in Finance.