Mos Def: True Magic Review

After pushing the limits on The New Danger, Mos Def returns from adventures in deep space and on the silver screen with a new album, which showcases a more stripped-down and rootsy side of one of hip-hop’s most versatile men. Continuing his streak of making innovative, conscious and soulful music, the Renaissance man’s latest release … Continue reading “Mos Def: True Magic Review”

Bruce Robison: It Came From San Antonio Music Review

What’s in an EP? What’s the point of releasing a less-than-full-length album, especially when you’re not in need of a record contract or a South-By-Southwest gig? I suspect that for Austin’s veteran singer-songwriter Bruce Robison it was a matter of striking while the iron was hot. The seven songs that were bouncing around his head … Continue reading “Bruce Robison: It Came From San Antonio Music Review”